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About Us

Who We Are and Our Mission/Purpose

The Sarcoma Coalition is comprised of Patient Advocacy organizations and foundations that represent a cross-section of sarcoma subtypes or a pan-sarcoma group.  There is no individual membership. The membership of the Coalition has a designated representative to participate in the Roundtable meetings of the Sarcoma Coalition – four times a year.  Everyone serves in a volunteer capacity – the members, the Steering Committee, and ad hoc committees.

The  Sarcoma Coalition‘s mission and purpose are to come together to work together on behalf of the Sarcoma patient-family community, to impact care and treatment.  The goal is to provide a platform to get to know each other, share ideas and connect groups that may have like goals.  In forming a group that knows each other, when necessary the Sarcoma Coalition can mobilize and speak with a collective voice on behalf of the sarcoma patient advocacy community.

The Sarcoma Coalition is a patient advocacy alliance, embracing a collaborative spirit to identify opportunities to address issues that affect patient care, and collectively cooperate to establish projects that impact patient care and assist families who are dealing with sarcoma.

We are committed to working together to support sarcoma patients and their families. ‘Achieving more together’ in terms of success in impacting the lives of patients diagnosed with sarcoma is the goal, through unity, purpose, and a shared collaborative vision.

The Sarcoma Coalition was initially formed in 2017 with the first meeting being held on June 2, 2017 (a webinar and an in-person meeting were convened on that day).  As of September 2021, the Coalition is comprised of 20+ member organizations represented.

Sarcoma Coalition Core Values

As a coalition of groups that are committed to advocating for sarcoma patients.  We will carry forth the work honoring the following core values of the coalition:

  1. CollaborationTogether, our collective voice offers strength, focus, and impact in mission and purpose.
  2. Sense of urgency –  The mission and goals of the Coalition can make all the difference in enhancing patient/family support and resource assistance to navigate a challenging cancer journey.
  3. Collective progress –  The Coalition member groups leverage their collective strengths to work together and accomplish  project goals to help patients and families who are dealing with sarcoma.
  4. Respect  – Respect among colleagues of member organizations of the  is of utmost importance in carrying out the mission and goals of the Coalition.