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The Sarcoma Coalition: Working Together to Advocate for the Greater Sarcoma Community

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Sarcomas are rare cancers that grow in the bone and soft tissues of the body, such as muscles, fat, and other connective tissue. Sarcomas make up about 1% of adult cancers and about 12% of pediatric cancersThe Sarcoma Coalition, established in 2018, is a collaboration between 26 sarcoma advocacy organizations across the United States with a common goal: provide research support and resources for the sarcoma community. The coalition believes that establishing a synergized partnership among advocacy organizations, though each organization may have a distinct sarcoma subtype focus, builds strength in numbers and together they can “leverage our [united voice and] collective strengths to make a greater impact in helping meet the needs of the sarcoma community.”
Working together, the Sarcoma Coalition advocates for educational programs about sarcoma, supports research, and strives to communicate the collective voice of sarcoma advocacy organizations. They also participate in the Golf Ball Project, an awareness campaign designed to alert health care providers less familiar with sarcomas that lumps around the size of a golf ball need further medical evaluation. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sarcoma Coalition has advocated for the use of telemedicine to support patients who may be seeking second opinions and follow-up care. The coalition also provides educational webinars for the medical community that are CME-certified. Learn more about the Sarcoma Coalition here. Sign up for quarterly newsletters from the Sarcoma Coalition here.
The Pediatric Oncology Branch and MyPART leaders also have a long-standing interest in sarcomas in addition to a strong breadth and depth of clinical and research experience in sarcomas. The MyPART Network currently partners independently with 12 of the 23 advocacy groups making up the Sarcoma Coalition and shares the mission of raising awareness and overcoming the obstacles in rare cancer research and treatment. Read more about different sarcomas studied by MyPART here.